Your security guard is also a human being

This article is about the way people treat security guards. Or vice versa. A good example here is when a security guard interacts with visitors at an office, or any other facility with security protection. People WILL be stopped, they WILL need to show credentials, and they WILL need a valid reason for that visit. People just can’t walk in without prior approval from the person they wish to meet.

And here’s some feedback for you. Eight out of every 10 guards I have spoken to, mention being treated with impatience when they stop people at the very first entry point – the main gate.

I think visitors need to understand that the first job of the security guard is to verify the identity and credentials of each visitor entering the premises – and the process won’t take more than two minutes. (A little longer if your car is being checked.) And it always helps if you have a prior appointment with the person you’re planning to meet.

With today’s heightened threat levels at key installations, including large corporate offices, security guards are trained and instructed to be watchful at entry points, and extremely vigilant when it comes to monitoring visitor movement within the premises.

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